Summer Fitness Plan: 80 Day Obsession, 15K a day & Macros , The Quest

Good morning! I’ve started a new fitness program this week and really am enjoying it, so I’m committing to doing it this summer. My goal is just to stay fit & work on building strength & muscle definition 💪🏼

These are my starting photos (which I’m happy with already btw)

Starting point: I weigh 130lbs and my starting macros are 145p 265c 52f (2108kcals). I’m not really putting any “goals” out there for weight- just want to look/feel my best each day :).

Summer Fitness & Food Plan

Here’s how I’m attacking each day & keeping it simple!


  • goal is 15000 steps minimum a day. I can usually achieve this with daily movement plus either a 1hour run or 2hours walking (or some sort of mix)

You can read more about why I chose 15k steps in this NY Times article

My sis and I went to tour DC this past Monday and hit 15K steps in our 2.5hour walk of the National Mall!


  • using the @my.macros app with the macros that I get from my macro coach Amber
  • I put my starting macros up above, and Amber is helping me do a reverse diet again


  • 80Day Obsession Plan from Beachbody — I did week 1 this week to test it out and really enjoyed it. Autumn did 80 different videos for the program so no days/workouts are repeated.
  • She doesn’t have music, so I play the workout on my phone while playing music from my iPad. I have a couple playlists on my YouTube channel- Christian pop & Running music lists.

  • We already have dumbbells and a mat at home, so I ordered bands/discs from amazon for $10 (vs $70 from the Beachbody site).
  • I thought maybe these workouts were too long for me, but after doing them this week, I found them to be engaging and that they move at a good/fast pace. Plus I’m a bit sore today and can tell they are working well for challenging my body in order to produce a change.


I’m still consistently using the Gains in Bulk Square 1 (multivitamin) & Digestive enzymes (code RebekahC10 for discount). I also use Test gain which helps balance hormones, and their NO chews for preworkout when I need a little extra oomph 💪🏼

Ps- check out this new easy Oatmeal chocolate chip protein cookie recipe here!!!

I’m also starting a new bible study called “The Quest” by Beth Moore.

I haven’t signed up for anything to train for, so I’m just working on staying fit. I started a new job this week & will be busy learning how to do that as well as keeping the house together, doing family stuff, & keeping the pets alive. 🙂

My friend Shannon is starting a “body kindness” challenge in a couple of weeks (affiliated with Beachbody) that I’m going to do. You can DM her if you’re interested as well! I did one with her this past April/May and really enjoyed it. She is the wife of a pastor and it’s a great women’s ministry she does that combines faith and fitness 💕

Chris and I don’t have any vacations planned out, but are perusing options – something that’s relaxing but also has adventures/excursions.

Lmk if you have any suggestions! 💕

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Especially to my dad who was here visiting last weekend!


9 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Plan: 80 Day Obsession, 15K a day & Macros , The Quest

  1. I really want to try 80-day obsession now….but I just HATE Autumn! I think she moves soooooo slow, but I trust your judgment (since you love Shaun T as much as I do!) so maybe I’ll give it a try. I got used to her in H&C, so maybe…..

    I’ve been lifting again recently and I AM LOVING IT. I also am giving my body some time off of the Max30 beating (I’d been doing 6 a week for the past 3 weeks, in addition to about an hour of other lifting/cardio every day!). I am now only doing 2-3 max30 workouts and 2 T25 speed workouts, plus 30ish min of elliptical/biking, lifting 4 days a week, and LOTS of walking! I’ve been walking an hour a day (usually on my treadmill so I can read and not die in the heat) and it’s been great so far. I ‘m hoping the walking will ease my foot back into running shape!

    Oh, I got my Oofos finally and I LOVE THEM. They are ugly as sin, but the comfort makes up for it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love my Oofos Sandals! I wore them to a wedding last month 🤣. Form>fashion is how i know I’m old . Lol.
      I did speed up one of her workouts this week – the 60min booty workout. It was 2 rounds of about 15 exercises. I did the first round with her and then the second round & cooldown on my own & it ended up being a 52min workout vs 60min.. . But the other ones, I did with her- and struggled to keep up with a couple. Lol.
      I have my own music playing – that’s the one downside imo. No background music. But I like the results and feeling a little sore :).


      1. think I read that they did the no music on purpose so people could listen to whatever they want (but it was probably really to cut down on production costs)

        Her warmups in H&C were a joke, too. Jump rope is a good call!

        And yeah, I’m older than you, so YEP. I’ve always been comfort over fashion though.

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      2. Haha yes comfort trumps all imo! I’ve done the heels in nyc with my husband and hated myself by the end of the night. My feet were in so much pain. Idk how girls do it!!! It baffles me.


  2. It will be neat to see the progress you make with the BeachBody programming! Are you planning to continue with the yoga or cycle off it for a bit? I hope you enjoyed the visit from your dad, fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a great visit! Thanks! I’ve done the ShaunT programs before so this one is a little different but I think the mix of bands/weights/plyo is a good variety for my body. 🙂 Autumn includes a day of foam rolling and recovery in it. I’ve been doing 10min a day of stretching based on my favorite yoga flows! So yes, I definitely want to keep the flexibility I’ve gained and now add strength to it again :). Hope you are well!!


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