Workout & Nutrition update- My workout Hybrid: 80 day Obsession, Insanity Asylum, T25 ; & new macros

After a couple weeks of adding lifting back into my workouts, I am feeling great about that decision.

I’m down 2-3lbs since starting & macros have stayed consistent – approx 2100kcals – my nutrition coach upped them today and those are posted towards the end of the post. I want to share my workouts first.


I posted a couple weeks ago about starting 80 day obsession , and I’ve sort of morphed it into my own hybrid – taking the workouts I like from Autumn’s plan and mixing it with some of the ShaunT workouts I’ve enjoyed in the past.

The workouts I like from Autumn’s 80day obsession are:

  • Total Body core,
  • Legs,
  • & AAA (arms/abs-a%$).

These are all lifting workouts. The video sessions are about 50-60minutes, but I find I can finish them ~15min faster than she does. Once I know the exercises, I go at my own pace and finish the lift, going quickly but also trying to push my weights up a bit each week. Picture below is the leg lift I did this morning

So in addition to the challenge of going up in weights every 1-2weeks, I also make it a challenge to beat Autumn to the finish of the workout. ;). Although I’m mostly following the workout log, I do let the session play so it feels like I’m still working out with them, which is motivating for me.

I have music from my iPad playing as well which makes it fun!

The workouts I like from Shaun’s Asylum program are:

  • Strength
  • Back to Core
  • Vertical plyo
  • Speed and agility

And from T25

  • Cardio
  • Speed 1.0
  • Core cardio
  • Core Speed

All of those workouts (aside from Strength & Back to Core) are more of plyometric/core workouts. With Shaun’s workouts, I don’t try to race! I try to keep up and do the entire workout. His are shorter and much faster paced than Autumn’s. They also have music that goes with it.

Both trainers have good recovery days: 80 day obsession has a great foam roller routine that I like and Asylum Relief is one of my top stretching routines.


This is what I’ve come up with for my week of workouts:

The first option for each workout day is the main option, but I have the secondary option listed there in case I need a break! There’s also a ton of other workout options on the app to choose from. :).

So, the hybrid has:

  • 4 Strength (weights) days,
  • 2 days of plyos/core,
  • & 1 recovery day.

Perfect right?


For my cardio, my goal the last few weeks was 15000steps. This week, I’ve dropped it to 14K. I typically hit my goal, but my objective is to slightly decrease the amount of cardio I do on average while maintaining my size, and also macros/kcals per day. Basically- my goal is to have my size be more easily sustainable.

I still plan to run 30-40min a day (it’s my prayer and podcast time), but would like to stop around the 30-40 min mark most days versus getting up to 50-60min a day. I’m hoping to increase my strength & speed as I go. Maybe I’ll be as fast as Nike 🐶 one day 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣.

I have no races planned right now. But I’m interested in looking into some shorter (hopefully dog-friendly) races to enter this fall.


My macros the past few weeks have been 145p 265c 52f. This week, Amber upped me to 145p 270c 53f (2137kcal). Two of the main things I’m working on is adding in more carbs to my preworkout and also hitting closer to my carbs/fats during the day. I typically am over on protein, but under in carbs/fats.

I implemented these changes on Monday last week, & this was the 3day difference:

I have upped My preworkout meals from 80-100kcals to 300kcals, using the banana protein muffins that i posted last week

Or some sort of rice cake and fruit mixture.

The goal with my food is to gradually increase macros as my body can handle (stay at the same weight), while I’m also gently lessening my daily cardio/running down to 12k steps a day (average).

It really helps having a coach to check in with each week to help me stay consistent and accountable. My plan is still:

▪ using the @my.macros app with the macros that I get from my macro coach Amber

▪ I put my starting macros up above, and Amber is helping me do a reverse diet again


I’m still consistently using the Gains in Bulk Square 1 (multivitamin) & Digestive enzymes/ probiotic. I also use Test gain which helps balance hormones, and their NO chews for preworkout on my lifting days.

  • code RebekahC10 for discount

Hope everyone has an awesome week!!


5 thoughts on “Workout & Nutrition update- My workout Hybrid: 80 day Obsession, Insanity Asylum, T25 ; & new macros

    1. Yes! And autumn does a good job of varying the structure of the workouts too. So weeks 1&2 , she did all 9exercises in a row and then repeated that giant set. Yesterday, she did the first 3 exercises and we did 3×10 of those before moving on to the next round of exercises .. I don’t like her booty day or cardio days but the other 3workouts are great! ESP if you go Shaun speed with them. Lol


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