New Hair, New Job, New Goals, Less Cardio, More Macros, More Life

It’s been 3 weeks since I began using the 80 day obsession lifts & doing my Autumn/ShaunT workout hybrid.

During that time, I have lost a few (~5) pounds & some inches, got a new hair do (bangs! & back to my natural hair color 💁🏻‍♀️)…. & set new fitness & life goals.

I’ll start with the Fitness & macros stuff 🙂


Food & Fitnessover the last 3 weeks:

1️⃣I focused a bit more on specific parts of my nutrition based on discussions with my macros coach Amber:

👉🏼 I committed to weighing out all my food, even veggies,

👉🏼 eating more in the mornings – 300kcals before my workouts and 500-800 after (I’m at 900-1200kcals by 11am most days… my daily macros are set to 145p 270c 53f which is ~ 2137kcals… So I’m using up a lot of them early in the day but my body is not as hungry later in the day now, & because I’m not “saving” so many, I’m less full/bloated when I go to bed at night. I also feel like I can workout harder since I’m eating beforehand and I also recover better after the workouts.

Muffins recipe is here

  • Just a note: This is Not normal or easy for me. I have a lifelong habit of filling up at night & going to sleep. Habits are Very hard to break, especially because I think my desire to feel “full” is partly an emotional hunger as well. So, facing this habit has required internal work and external work. My nutrition coach, Amber, has helped me a lot with hearing me out & has given me someone to trust with my health during the process…. I’m not totally “there” yet, but I can tell I’m making progress. Doing a daily bible study & journaling helps a lot


2️⃣ I am lifting 💪🏼 more which I discussed in the previous weeks

– I have been lifting 4days a week & doing plyos 2days/wk

—- I’m using 3 of the “80dayobesession” lifts each week (total body, aaa, legs)

-plus Shaun’s asylum workouts (strength, vertical plyo, speed/agility, back to core, x trainer),

  • I do 2 lifting/weights days, then a plyo/core day.


3️⃣I am running a lot less (I’ve just done 2-3 Miles (15-20min) the last 4days. I have barely hit 10k steps the last few days, but my body seems to like the new routine.

In last week’s post, I was thinking I’d do more a gradual decrease from 15000steps, to 14500, and drop 500 each week until I got down to 12000. This past Tuesday, I was like “nope… I’m just going to make the big change now” 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. I figured I’d make the jump backwards & if I needed to decrease my macros a bit, then that would be fine. And Amber and I could sort of restart the reverse diet if need be.

Why running less? Basically I’d like to be able to maintain my current size by “needing” to do less. So If I can cut 4-5miles of Running out of my day, or maybe more (30-45min), it means I have more energy during the day, am less (runner-hungry) ” rungry”, & cuts my workout time almost in half!

Workout Time Limit:

➡️➡️ with my workouts, I have landed on a 60minute limit for myself right now which includes lift & short run, plus some of my cooldown stretch


4️⃣ I’m staying up a little later & sleeping in a little more

5️⃣ being more social & less concerned with “fitness”… Yes, I still want to be/look ‘fit’ but my focus is shifting. I’d like to get to where I’m just me & living life :). Not the “fitness” girl … Where working out is part of my day, but my size is more easily maintained/sustainable & I don’t have a “need” to get in a workout or certain step amount.


I’m still consistently using the Gains in Bulk Square 1 (multivitamin) & Digestive enzymes/ probiotic. I also use Test gain which helps balance hormones, and their NO chews for preworkout on my lifting days.

code RebekahC10 for discount

New goals:

Chris and I are planning a vacation 🏖 soon & my “dream goal” would be to go & be ok with skipping the gym a few days while there & not care. ☺️. There’s nothing wrong with working out on vacation- I just want to be ok with myself if I “vacate” from my routine … & still feel good !

My other goal is to join a small group (bible study) at my church & to also get involved in volunteering somewhere. Aka – do something with my life that’s bigger than myself (consistently). 💕

….. relaunching

Also, I think I forgot to wish my fur baby a happy birthday a couple weeks ago on here! She turned 1! She’s such a sweet dog & full of love! 🙂 She got to celebrate with her friends at Dogtopia on her birthday & got cake!


Happy birthday Nike!

Edit: I completely forgot to share the new job!

I left teaching & am now doing medical billing. I did not get a summer break, but am learning a lot as I get trained this summer. It’s a lot different- desk work, spreadsheets, & phone calls. But I am liking it! I get to work from home.

Teaching was a great job that I’m grateful for. It helped me grow a lot & I got to share my love of health & Fitness. But it was just not for me for the long term. So, I’m heading in a new direction in several ways!


7 thoughts on “New Hair, New Job, New Goals, Less Cardio, More Macros, More Life

  1. Great work my friend and congrats on the new career! I’m glad you are doing something different because change is a great thing. Thank you for helping me understand that people who are in shape think about the things larger people do I think I made the mistake of thinking that person is in shape and they don’t have to worry about health and that’s just dumb on my part I appreciate the lesson! I’m very proud of you!

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