Why I’m Giving up Running

Today is Day1 of my 28-day “No Running” challenge. I’ve had a bunch of messages on insta from this post I made in my story so I wanted to address it here as well. I think my struggle must be something that a lot of women battle internally.

Here is an excerpt from that blog that I really connected to:One of my biggest fears is getting “fat”. There. I am putting that out there. I’ve lived with it my entire 33.5yrs as far back as I can remember. When I first got into shape & saw some abs, I did it by running/cardio, some lifting, & following a meal plan from a FitnessRx magazine. I’ve always been baffled/envious by women I see who are fit but don’t do much cardio aside from some HIiT a few days a week. I got really into fitness and running, and believed I needed to be doing 45-60min of cardio everyday. However as I’ve made steps the last few weeks to cut back on my running & cardio, I’m really beginning to believe that it’s possible to be in BETTER shape w/out the hours of cardio. There is nothing wrong with running or cardio, but, for me, it’s been life-sucking. It leaves me hungry, often lonely, feeling trapped in a cycle of “needing” to run, & wondering where my $$ goes at times 🤦🏻‍♀️. I have a lot of great memories with Fitness/running, but it’s not something I want my life to keep revolving around. The pain of what it’s caused me in internal battles is greater than the pain of changing. My coach, Amber, has never been a fan of my running/cardio but she never pressured me to stop. However, she has been a huge cheerleader to me as I’ve talked with her through this process of cutting back. This was a message she sent me in our emails this week:

I plan to be as open and honest as I can in this process. Right now, I’m kinda freaked out. Chris booked a vacation for us later this month & I have swimsuits to wear! Lol. But I’m also committed to changing my life this time & actually believe it is possible. In Serina’s blog above, she has her clients do a 28-Days of no running challenge, which is what I’m starting today! I’m still keeping my 60min workout time limit that I discussed here, but plan to fill the “running void” with some additional strength work, or hiit/plyos, or yoga depending on the day!Will I do any cardio?Sirena also recommends a 5000step goal to her clients, which seems like a doable goal & more sustainable than the 10-15000 that I’ve been doing. It’s about 35-40min of walking for me that I can break up during my work day.

As far as macros, Amber said to keep them the same (which I shared here) . I figured she would actually drop them back for me but she said to keep them & we can adjust if need be. She’s optimistic that my body will adapt fabulously, which would be great! :). I did a refeed yesterday (macros: 145p 325c 58f =2400ish kcals) & I woke up like this:So I’d say that’s a good start! 👍🏼

Some other messages I’ve received of encouragement are:And this one:You can check out her post here that she mentions in the DM she sent me: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZhl-aEnd_r/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=b2ujf79v2xug

So, is it really possible to lose weight/get in better shape/be lean/be happier/etc without running? 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I am hopeful! I have a coach who lives it out and believes in me. And I have been praying daily that God would show me how to spend my time/energy wisely & how to workout so I can healthily live & fulfill His calling for me. Ironically, I was praying during my runs 🤣🤣 … but I think walking a little each day will give me that time where I can pray & listen to podcasts now. :).

Bonus: Here’s a yummy breakfast that Nike tried to steal from me this morning! See the recipe directions here if you need!Use code RebekahC10 for discount on gains in bulk products (enzymes are my fav!) & their workout bands, which I’m utilizing a ton in these 80 day obsession workouts at home!

Have you ever faced a fear? I believe realizing my fear & confronting it is a bog step… freedom is on the other side. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!


15 thoughts on “Why I’m Giving up Running

  1. What a courageous journey! I am excited to see your non-running and more life-ing posts ahead. 🙂 “Instead of running, today I enjoyed…” Life is about to be full of adventure.

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  2. I have been working through the workbook/Bible Study called Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton. Great Study = ) (maybe you shared at one point you went through the book yourself??) She addresses “idols” and all the things in our life that become an idol….without intention. Food…OR LACK of food. exercise, running, body image, fears…all of it can become an idol. I COMMEND YOU on your “fast” from running. I commend you on realizing your needed to step back. I am positive you will be blessed by it! Stay Strong and keep looking up! Love your posts and the fact that you are “real” and share what most of us are thinking or feeling anyway! Thank you!!

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  3. Giving up the cardio bunny lifestyle can be such a tough thing to do after we’ve done it for so long. In general, the benefits we receive from cardio are more cardiovascular in nature (heart healthy) and can compete with body comp related goals which I think you are wanting to focus on (‘toned’/’tight’). Muscle is heavy and requires loads of oxygenation so our bodies want to rid of this when we run a lot. So trust that eliminating the cardio will actually be beneficial in helping you reach your physique goals! And how great that you will have more time available to you to work on other non-fitness related goals. If I recall, you mentioned that you are working on fitness being a part of your life rather than life centering around it, so maybe you can use the time that was previously reserved for running to tackle some of your other life goals!? Make the most of the time (and money spent!!) with your coach by trusting that her experience/expertise/feedback will lead your journey to your physique goal. You can do hard things, it’s only when we are challenged that we grow and learn. Challenge yourself to hold firm to these 28 days and then you’ll be able to have a month under your belt to evaluate your progress. Good luck!! Change takes time!

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  4. One of my biggest fears is getting “fat”. There. I am putting that out there. = ME TOO. And I’d say that about 90% of people who exercise would agree with that, at least internally, even if they don’t admit it out loud. So good for you for saying it, owning, and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Like I said to you today, I loved that article, but don’t know that I’ ready to just stop completely. Last fall when I was working with Trista though, i was happier with my body than EVER before and I was slowly cutting back on cardio while reverse dieting, so it IS possible! And I will get there again. I know it.

    For me though, I know that hormones have played a roll, but I also was WAY overeating for months (binging really, and doing it at least once a week, about 5000-6000 cal at a time, on top of my normal days’ food, since we’re being honest here). So the weight GAIN wasn’t from hormonal stuff, but the lack of weight LOSS probably is from overcompensating my intake with cardio. Hence, me sort of trying to replicate on my own what I did last fall. Lowering both intensity and duration of cardio, while still eating the same amount (for now, the reverse will come again when I’m ready!) and focusing on my HEALTH and not my LOOKS.

    Wish that was as easy to put into practice as it is to put into words. Amirite??? 😉

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  5. I love this post! I used to run 5-6 days per week 3-6 miles every day because I thought I had to to not gain weight and was so afraid to stop. I started to not enjoy it as much and wasn’t getting any faster. I switched to HIIT 3-4 times a week and weight lifting 2-4 times a week and feel soooo much better. I haven’t gained any weight and feel stronger and more fit. Now when I want to go for a run (maybe once a week now) I genuinely enjoy it and I’m faster than I was when I ran all the time haha. That was about 3 years ago that I stopped running so much and just started again this year because it’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions to run a 5k under 24 minutes. It’s hard at first but it’s so much more freeing when you don’t feel like you “have to” workout 🙂

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    1. Ah this is so awesome Laura!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!!!!!! Your workout split sounds similar to what I’m doing- 4days lift, 2days plyo/core. So that’s good to know!! I’m scared but also excited. It’s so freeing. I really hope it works. ☺️😄😄😄

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