Quick Update- no running & Reverse diet

My weight- the same as my check-ins last week

  • This week, Amber had me keep my macros the same even though I dropped all running. I’ve averaged about 9K steps a day (my goal is just 5k) & that’s been from the steps/jumprope during my workout, & walking Nike 🐶 a couple times a day around our block (3/4mile)

This is the “reverse diet/cardio” progress so far in photos:


Weight over 3weeks has gone from 131.6-127.4 (this is not the primary focus, just a stat to share)Current macros: 145p 270c 53f (2137kcal)Current workouts:

  • Time Limit is 60min– includes my warmup, lift/workout, & 10min post-workout stretch/foam rolling
  • I was using the 80day obsession lifts, but am kind of over Autumn after phase 1. They are good workouts & nice to have on hand if the gym isn’t an option, but I want something that I can listen to my own podcasts with. So, I returned to my “revamped” version of CARVECarve2.1 which has minimal/optional cardio , which is the workout plan I created in Nov of 2016 based on all the exercises/workout schemes that I love. There are 9 lifts (about 40ish min each), and the program consists of lifting 4-5times a week, and then 2-3 days of “my choice” which can be an at home plyo/core workout with ShaunT (what I did today), or a fitness class, or a recovery day .
  • This is a screenshot of the program from the PDF:
  • Yesterday, I did a 10min warmup/stretch, then 40min Lift (CARVE 2 workout), mixed with some jumping jacks between exercises. And then ended with some yoga/stretching. You can check out the whole workout here!

  • I was certain the scale would go up & that I’d need to drop my macros back since I cut so much cardio out (running 5-8miles a day)… but so far, my body seems to love this new routine.
    • I’ve been able to sleep in an extra hour 😁
      And have more energy during the day!
      My other hypothesis was that I wouldn’t be as hungry, but apparently That was incorrect, which I’m ok with! Lol
  • I am SO excited to go on vacation in a few weeks 🏖 ! There is a nice fitness center there if Chris & I decide to workout, but the goal is to Stay up late & enjoy some evenings at the beach & pool, & sleep in.
  • My goal (as I mentioned here) is to not feel I “need” to workout. I got in a couple swimsuits from Amazon today, & am excited that they fit! (They are the first 2 on the left below)
  • Ps i realize the swimsuit on the far right above doesn’t match – it’s supposed to and I’ve contacted the company about it. But i love the high waist bottoms!
  • Next steps: I will see what Amber does with my macros when I check in on Monday.
  • And I’m also toying with the idea of limiting my workouts to 45-50minutes (so cutting my warmup to 5min & stretching 5min for cooldown)

  • Why I share this:
  • I used to feel a bit conflicted making these progress posts, but along with a ton of positive feedback I got on my last post, I also had a LOT of girls DM me on insta saying they wish they could do the same, or have also felt trapped in a cycle of running/cardio/restriction, or have similar fears. 2years ago, I connected with the story of someone who took a risk to share her story – my coach, Amber. And, I feel compelled to pass on my story and share my honest journey as I go through this. (She actually just posted a bit more yesterday here)
  • Exercise can be an addiction like other addictions – maybe not as harmful, but it can feel like you’re trapped…. And I’ve had enough of it. This is my reverse diet journey, and I am believing there is a healthy, balanced way of being fit & having life & freedom. I will keep updating because if this helps one person, it’s worth it. 💕
  • Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!

  • PS- check out this Yummy 270kcal Vegan Dessert (recipe is on my Insta post here!)
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    4 thoughts on “Quick Update- no running & Reverse diet

    1. Love this post and this new way of living a healthy and happy life! Need to get on this train too! Excessive cardio does consume so much and then I think, “I could have been doing so many other things to fulfill x, y, & Z!” Ugh… so I’m looking forward to see how your body responds too! Whether we like it or not, we always have that thought, “but ummm, How will my body look/respond to less?!” Scary but so relevant to do. Thank you so much for posting about this!!!:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I got to where the pain of staying trapped in my “cardio” was greater than the pain of taking a chance of nixing it … thanks for the comment Kassi! I’m interested to see how this goes too and am hoping it will turn into a long-term success :).


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