Vegan Vanilla Maple Oat Cookies


👉🏼MACROS: 3.5p 7.5c 1f (52kcal) per cookie 🍪

👉🏼crispy outside, soft inside

🌱 vegan & glutenfree

These are not super sweet cookies, but they were given the thumbs up 👍🏼 😋 by my husband and his brother ! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Sometimes, recipes come about in weird ways….

To be honest, I ran out of rice cakes today & decided to try to make “oatcakes”?🤷🏻‍♀️.

Anyways, these turned out great 👌🏼 so I figured I’d share! 😃

RECIPE makes 24cookies, so these are easy to make & then keep on hand all week as a go-to for a healthy snack.

  • They’re not “addictive” so I’m not going to eat one and want to eat all the rest 🤣
  • they pair perfectly with Peanut butter or Fruit or Jam

  • The ingredients needed are:

    • 60 grams protein powder (I used Ampd vegan vanilla),
    • 240grams quick oats (I used Quaker gf quick oats),
    • 1Tbsp organic maple syrup (honey would also work),
    • 2cups water


    • Mix all the ingredients together

      Let it sit for 2-3hours (or overnight)

      Divide into 24 balls (1Tbsp in size)

      Shape as desired – I kept the ball shape for some and flattened the other into more of a “cookie” shape – or “oatcake” shape (this will be a thing one day! It all started here remember…. unless it’s already a thing then I’m sorry & just too lazy to leave the WP app right now to check the google……. yet I had enough gusto to type all that hmmmmm… ignorance is bliss I guess. I’m claiming oatcakes)


    • Air fryer: Cook @400F for 10minutes

    • Oven: Cook @350F for 12-15min

  • Save in Fridge to enjoy!

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