I haven’t run in 13days – reverse diet & training update, new routines

I’m on Day 13 of my “no running ” challenge. My macros/calories have stayed fairly consistent (discussed below) & I am essentially the same weight as day 1 ( I was .6lbs up today technically – from 127.4 to 128).Benefits so far: more time to sleep , more energy for work & life, less “runger” (aka the insatiable hunger feeling from running), plus a new feeling of optimism on life – aka feeling like I can restart & become the better person I’ve imagined I can be. Macros and my new “less is more” aesthetics workout plan below!

What is a Reverse Diet?

A few weeks ago, I decided I was tired of being tired & hungry from running, feeling like I “needed” to run to stay in shape, and also sick of my life revolving around workouts (ie having to wake up early to run before it got blazing hot). I know enough “fit” females to know that running is not necessary but was scared of what would happen if I stopped. Initially, I started cutting back on running – going from 45-50miles/wk (16-18K steps a day) to 30miles/week (14-15K steps a day). And my body responded really well so I made the leap to 0miles running – discussed here. What is a reverse diet? I addressed this topic in my blog here. Basically it is something you can do after a period of dieting (cutting kcals & increasing workouts to lose weight) in order to keep/maintain/improve on the results you’ve worked to achieve. It’s a process of gradually adding calories back into your diet & decreasing activity so you increase your metabolism & can keep your results at a much more sustainable level. For example, in training for NPC shows, it is not abnormal to cut kcals to 1200 (or less, scarily) a day & be working out 2-3hrs a day. But, if you jump right back to what your previous “maintenance ” level was, it’s common to gain all the weight back plus more. This is the yo-yo cycle that is incredibly frustrating. Reverse dieting is a way to get out of this cycle. This photo from when I first did a reverse with Amber Fokken; however, I only attacked the diet portion here, & kept on running/training a lot – about 90-105 minutes a day. This time around, Amber and I are working to get my calories up & decrease cardio.


My macros are currently at: 145p 270c 53f (2137kcals). That’s where Amber has had them for the past few weeks as I have cut running out. To be honest, I have been hitting more like 1950-2100kcals a day. I am not forcing myself to hit the macros if I’m not hungry. With stopping running, I’ve actually been feeling “full” which is new for me. I can still handle a lot of volume of food, but that’s been slowly decreasing along with the bloated feelings I used to experience daily due to runger, but using large volumes of veggies to stay within my macros.I’ve been working on adding in more carbs that have less volume this week – namely around my workouts. Like these Lily’s Vegan balls. With my workouts, I’m planning to implement a new program this week – I’ve been kind of bouncing around, but finally found one – and it will include 3-4 rest/recovery days, which is a different set of macros for me: 120p 235c 63f (1987kcals). I’ll still be working on Fitness things during those rest days but it will be with the goal of being able to feel refreshed & better in order to attack the lifting workout the next day.

Aesthetics Workouts

My friend Jo sent me a podcast the other day about lifting vs cardio as motivation for my reverse. Hearing how other people have succeeded in doing the same thing I’m doing is incredibly inspiring so I recommend checking it out if you’re interested in this process. As a result, I ended up checking out the Mind Pump site, and finding their “MAPS aesthetics ” program which is a 12week program that consists of 3 full-body lifting days a week. On the other 3-4days (the aesthetic plan calls them “focus” days), my focus will be on core & mobility – my plan is to do a small warmup & then spend time doing some core/ flexibility/mobility work. Nothing intense- just doing some foam rolling, yoga, etc. The goal is to improve on my lifting/strength & flexibility for the long-term.

Rest & Routines

Something else that has been new to me is restructuring my routine. I want it to reflect my priorities (or at least what I hope my priorities will become even if I’m not there yet) Instead of working out first thing, I’m allowing my body to find a more natural rhythm and letting it sleep in until about 6am (vs 415/430). It’s also learning how to stay up later – like going to bed when it’s dark outside 🤣🙈. I take Nike to daycare, then have found a cafe I can do my bible study at and then head to work! I’ve been messing with when I workout and tried 5pm-ish this week but I plan to try a “lunchtime” workout this week when there is a lull in my work day anyways. I am loving the Quest bible study by Beth Moore and am on my last week. It’s a very good study! And I love how God perfectly timed it so I ordered this study during this time of transition in my life. Facing fears is something that isn’t easy but necessary on the road to achieving a life that is filled with “life”.

I hope you all have a great day!


7 thoughts on “I haven’t run in 13days – reverse diet & training update, new routines

  1. I made the blog, I feel so special, ha! But wow…feeling of optimism on life, how awesome is that!? I don’t know if there is anything better than that, very cool. I am so excited to hear what you think of the MAPS program. The objective of ‘solid hard feeling muscles’ sure does align perfectly with what your goal has been in terms of having more ‘density.’ Your body (and mind!) sure seem to have responded positively to the changes you have made in reducing the cardio & I just know you’ll continue to respond to the MAPS program. As you get started, keep your goal of solid muscle mass in mind & don’t let the scale weight get to your head…instead remembering that to have more density may mean a higher number on the scale but its all healthy mass! I love your new morning routine, it sounds like a great way to greet and take on the day.

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    1. Thanks Jo! And thanks for the podcast!!! I’ve downloaded a ton more of the MPM and Ben greenfield podcasts. And I’m sore from the first aesthetics workout I did earlier today already!


  2. i cna’t wait to watch this and see how it plays out! I’m giong to check out that program too. I actually just told my mom this morning that I think I need to start eating FEWER veggies/less volume. I’ve been feeling SO bloated lately!

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  3. I’m so excited to watch this and so happy you are doing this. I just checked out the program, too. I was just telling my mom this mornign that I think I really need to eat FEWER veggies or just less volume. I’ve been slacking on protein (only 90-100g a day recently) and need to get that back up!

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