I gave up running 16days ago… here’s what’s happened

  • Weight lost (Calories have stayed the same)
  • inches lost from waist & thighs
  • Gained time and energy
  • Feel like I’m in control of my diet versus fearing those moments where I get ravenously hungry (due to running/overtraining) & have very little control over my eating
  • I posted a lot in my IG story today (@rebekahclementson) and will finish the post out here with those photos.
  • I’ve also dropped 3 workout days in my week and replaced them with rest/recovery days where I focus on mobility/flexibility for 30-40minutes
  • I’m doing a giveaway this month for Gains in Bulk- use code RebekahC10 for discount on any purchase and email me rebekahclementson@gmail.com for a chance to win a free 3months supply of enzymes.
  • Also i have a new link in my bio that goes to my Link tree:

  • I’m also getting a ton out of this bible study by Beth Moore, which you can find here on amazon!

  • This is my recipe of the week —– find it here!
  • Find the recipe for my perfect protein ice cream here!
  • And ingredients (xanthan, guar, nutribullet, protein) can be here on amazon!

  • Amber Fokken of ADOFitness is my nutrition coach as mentioned in above “thoughts”
  • Current workout plan is the MAPS Aesthetics Lifting program. (3days a week) With my “focus days” being on mobility/flexibility 💕

  • Much Love! Have an awesome day!
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    4 thoughts on “I gave up running 16days ago… here’s what’s happened

    1. Sure sounds like so many good things have happened in these last 16 days! The sense of being in control/in the driver’s seat of your health and nutrition is so empowering and exciting. Just think how much more you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation now that you don’t have to worry about getting those cardio/running sessions in!

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      1. I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s been almost 3weeks since I gave it up. Totally life changing. I love these Lifts too. I’ve been sore this week & enjoying the recovery days a lot. Thanks for all the support Jo! :).


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