Glazed Chocolate Chip Protein Donuts (45kcal each), The Hope Study

I used a bread recipe from Kim Hoeltje to make these 45 Calorie protein donuts! They are vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. And I also added my own 2ingredient glaze to them.

Macros per donut: 4p 5c 1f (45kcals)

I’m usually terrible at following recipes but I had all the ingredients for these on hand & didn’t feel like modifying it aside from the “structure” of it.

These are the ingredients I used:

  • Egg whites
  • Lily’s chocolate chips (vegan, use stevia)
  • Almond milk
  • Protein powder: Ampd Vanilla (vegan) but any protein powder will work
  • Extract (i used almond)
  • Banana
  • Coconut flour
  • Donut Recipe:

  • Check out the recipe here! You’ll see that Kim made a loaf with it. I chose to make 8 donuts with it.
    • Once you make the donuts, you can eat them or refrigerate. I added my glaze to eat 4 this morning, and then saved 4 for later 🙂

  • 2-ingredient Glaze:

    • Note: I used this glaze for 4 of the donuts, & saved the other 4 donuts for tomorrow. :).

    This is really easy- I just mixed 1 Tbsp of agave with 1Tbsp of melted coconut butter.

    Top the Donuts with the glaze & refrigerate for 15min to let it harden a bit (or freeze for 5min if you have zero patience like myself)

    This “glaze” is Dog-Friendly! I put a little on one of Nike’s biscuits. She LOVED it! Look at her sitting so pretty for it 😂😂

    With the glaze added to 4 donuts, I ended up with these macros per donut:

    I PROMISE these are really yummy 😋… I was going to save them to add to my morning protein ice cream bowl, but they didn’t make it! 🤣. So I ate the bowl on its own as I am typing out this blog remembering the delicious donuts I enjoyed rather quickly.

  • New bible study

  • I finished up the Quest Bible Study yesterday, which I loved and recommend- you can find it here.
  • And am starting a new one called “The Hope” by Amy Groeschel.
  • I really like Workbooks because they give me something concrete to complete each day as I spend time with God. I would compare them to having a training program for workouts.
  • When I am book-less, it’s like going to the gym with no workout plan. And I kind of bounce around to different machines, but no real goal. It’s hard to “see” progress each day, but I know each day that I do the study, I’m getting one step closer to Him. Time with Him & in His Word is never wasted.

  • Hope you all have a great day!!!
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    6 thoughts on “Glazed Chocolate Chip Protein Donuts (45kcal each), The Hope Study

    1. Girl! I need to bookmark these bible studies! I love Life Church sermons and have listened to two of Craig’s books on audible. I also listened to the entire archive of Life Church sermons via podcast on my work commutes in the last couple months. 😂 I did not realize that Amy Groeschel had her own Bible study! So glad you shared this!
      Need to try Kim’s recipe too. Haven’t made it yet, and I love the idea of the glaze!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love life church sermons! If you go to the link there for the study, it will take you to my “store” on amazon – I have all the Bible studies in one section so they are easy to find! :).
        Are you on IG?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ok I didn’t know about your store! That’s awesome! I’m going to go on and look at your list later this morning!! I am due to restock some devos.
          Yes ma’am! I’m following you on Instagram too! I’m @cheesegirlpa 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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