45 Days of No Running, Reverse Diet update, Front-loading the day, & Do I miss running?

Macros & Week of Workouts for Aug 10-17 💕

I’m Currently on Day 45 of my #norunningchallenge


My weight is currently at 128ish – it varies from 125-130 during the week. So I’m essentially a little lighter, but close to the same weight as I had when I was running 50ish miles a week.

You can see the other posts on my reverse diet here and here and here and here.

This is a podcast I recommend if you are curious about the reason why metabolism can increase when you decrease cardio.

Workout Routine

*Workout Days*

➡️Sat, Tues, Thurs: 45(ish) minute full body Lifts from mindpumpmedia ( maps aesthetics ), which you can find here. I also stretch after I lift for 5-10min. I’m on phase 2, week2 of maps aesthetics

*Recovery days*

➡️Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri : 30-40min of flexibility-based yoga

🎦 you can find the yoga sessions i use on my “30min yoga” playlist on my YouTube channel- “rebekah Clementson” – which you can find here

➡️ I foam roll daily for 5-10min before I lift or start the yoga practice using Ashley Borden’s free foam rolling guide – you can find a video here or PDF here!

➡️ Cardio: After lifting, I do 7-10min jumprope. I’m not tracking steps anymore like I used to, but am averaging about 5K-7k per day


I get my Current Macros from Amber Fokken of ado fitness

Currently I’m at

➡️Workout Days: 145p 290c 57f (2253kcal)

➡️Recovery Day macros : 120p 255c 67f (total 2103kcal)

➡️ Refeed days total 2647kcal

**** I don’t hit these perfectly ever, but shoot to get within 5-15g of the goal & within the calorie range****

➡️ I use the my macros plus app to track

I eat mostly dairy-free and gluten free (due to sensitivities)

I’m traveling this weekend to visit family so I plan to loosely track (I under-ate when I went on vacation last month & want to avoid that) & May or may not workout. I’m may just take a break from it for the 4days. 💕 I can’t believe I’m saying that.. but am so happy that I am ok with taking 4days off.

Front-Loading My Days with Macros

I posted a little about this before, but I keep doing it and it seems to work really well for me. By front-loading, I mean I am eating 1/2 of macros (or more) by lunch. I workout in the mornings of my workout days so I think my body is just used to needing & using food then.

This is where I was at yesterday by 10am

Scarily enough, this is the same amount of calories I used to eat in a whole day just a couple years ago!

Do I miss running?

I have had several people ask me this. And no, I honestly don’t miss it. It was something I did as a way to get or stay lean. I convinced myself I loved it Bc I believed I needed it. It’s been almost 7weeks since I last ran & the results I’ve had have been surprising to me (although they are what I knew/hoped was possible).

Benefits of not running:

  • It’s given me an hour back each day & so much more energy for other things
  • I don’t have to wake up super early to workout so I can beat the heat and/or the traffic
  • Less stress
  • Able to focus on building strength and flexibility more, which are 2 things I have always wanted to work on, but it was hard when running 50miles a week
  • Less laundry!
  • Less rungry – I’m still hungry but with running, I felt as though I was always trying to eat to fill up (ie: lots of veggies so I wouldn’t go over my daily calories but feel full) & it resulted in being irritable or bloated or both most days. I still have days where I go to a high volume menu, but I’m not grossly stuffed like I used to be some nights
  • More spontaneous- I’m on a trip this weekend that I normally would have stressed over Bc there’s not a gym available or running path. But I’m totally ok with missing a workout day and just doing some lakeside yoga each day & having a restful/peaceful weekend with family 💕

Don’t get me wrong! I have some fond memories running – especially CIM last year , but this is just what I knew I needed to do. I feared what would happen as a result, but it’s been the opposite of what I feared.

It hasn’t been a seamless transition. I didn’t do it all in one giant leap. I’ve been working with Amber for over 14months and it wasn’t until month 12 of reverse dieting that I was ready to let go. Before then, I slowly decreased as I was comfortable & as my body responded favorably, it gave me faith to decrease a bit more.. and then 45days ago , I was ready to drop all running.

I still have up & down days. It’s not all sunshine & roses, but I want to share this just to show it’s possible. I’ve read several other stories of similar results and they all inspired me along my way. 💕


I’ve had a few people ask about these. I currently use these daily:

I suspect this to be my last “reverse diet” type of post. Never say never, but I’m ready to move on from progress pictures and being a Fitness account. I don’t want to expound on this too much more, but while I still plan to share Fitness and food, it isn’t something I’ll be posting as much about.


4 thoughts on “45 Days of No Running, Reverse Diet update, Front-loading the day, & Do I miss running?

  1. Sounds like reflecting on your relationship with running is another great step in your journey to realize your true self. Your body continues to respond SO well to the reverse diet and the front loading of macros, so do what works best for you!

    I am excited to see what content you share with us! Enjoy the visit with your Mom!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!!!! I’m interested to see where God takes my life as well. I have an idea of maybe the direction, but nothing more than just the next step for now. Which is fine with me. One step at a time ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have loved keeping up with your reverse and training. Totally would love for you to continue to share, but understand if the Lord is leading you to share different content too. Honestly, ALL of what you share is helpful and truly valuable!

    Liked by 1 person

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