It’s ok to not “fit in”

Something I’ve learned over the past 10years in regards to food & yoga & being a little weird.

Photo below shows the face (& hair) transformation from 24yrs old to 33.

I was on a trip this past weekend and was asked (again) if the way I eat is normal for me, or something I’m doing as a short term diet.

It’s something I get asked a lot. I’m not sure why food is so intriguing to humans, but this is always a question that I’m happy to answer because I used to eat to “fit in” with the group I was with, and ended up resenting it.

Then, A few years ago, I decided to prep for NPC (Fitness) shows and got used to bringing my own food everywhere – fish, veggies, etc – and learned

  1. To be ok that it was abnormal (different goals require different disciplines), and
  2. to enjoy the people I’m with versus focusing on the food.

And this worked really well. I became ok with standing out and found it wasn’t bad at all.

When I left competing, I still wanted to look and feel healthy/fit but I found I couldn’t blame my “odd” eating on prepping for a show. I knew it would be easier to just blend in & not bring my own food and such , but I also knew how terrible I felt when I ate sugar-loaded desserts & gluten.

So, I just decided I’d be ok with being the weird one. (Side note: after a year of this, my family & friends find it weird when I don’t bring my own food which is pretty awesome imo)

For my own body, I’ve found that eating a healthy balance of macros from foods that are mostly naturally occurring and free of gluten, and mostly dairy-free, is the best combination for me.

This is just simply by a process of trial & success or trial & error. And I am working with a nutrition coach to help me stay accountable to my macros and lifting.

I simply just pay attention to how foods make me feel. Gluten and Dairy both cause inflammation in or on my body.

  • If a food “likes me”, then I keep getting it to eat.
  • If a food doesn’t agree with me, then we mutually part ways.
  • Some foods I have to break up with – ie I used to LOVE zucchini, but have found that I need to avoid ones that have pesticides; and I LOVE protein ice cream, but Dairy causes my face to turn reddish so I’ve been using vegan powders.

I’ve also been doing more yoga this past year, and while I don’t subscribe to the ‘religion’ that’s typically associated with it, I wholeheartedly believe it’s great to practice for the body and mind.

It’s gets the body moving & improves the natural range of motion of the body, & it also increases the mindfulness of how one perceives the body.

I begin each practice with gratitude to God. And Instead of forcing myself to “fit in” to a certain posture or stretch, I have learned to go where my body can and not fight it. I just allow it a little space to grow in each posture/hold.

In the same way, I am learning to start each day grateful for how God made me and don’t need to “fit in” to any mold. In fact, it’s more beautiful & freeing to just be the me, even if it’s different.

Sure, I can model some things after people I admire, but it’s more important to be mindful of how God created me & work with my body instead of being frustrated by it.

Each day is a chance to give space to growth, and this can look different for everyone. I’ve found that the questions I need to answer are:

  • What will you give time to today?
  • What do you have to be thankful for?
  • Why are you seeking __________’s approval instead of God’s?

God created each one of us uniquely (Eph2:10) , & it’s better to seek to understand than worry about being understood. If someone criticizes, then whatever. And if someone asks why you do something, then that’s cool too. Maybe you can learn a little about each other. 🙂

Just be 100% ok with being yourself 💕

When you stop trying to be someone else, you become the most beautiful version of yourself. 💕


5 thoughts on “It’s ok to not “fit in”

  1. Omg yes! Certain family and friends always comment when I don’t have dessert or eat healthy around them so I used to eat what I didn’t want just so I wouldn’t get comments about it but I honestly love eating healthy and how it makes me feel and if I ever want cake, dessert, etc I eat it! I’ve learned to just ignore their comments because they’re not eating it so why do they care lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Isn’t it funny how much food is looked at? It’s always surprising to me. Criticism can be hard to deal with I think, but now that I’m older and realize everyone’s a little crazy, I’ll take being the weird food person 😂😂. If that’s the worst thing about me, that’s ok! Haha. Maybe we should start a party planning company where everyone can order a customized meal from icon meals or something 😂😂.


  2. Rebekah,

    This just resonated with me so much today because I am working on trying to be OK with being the “odd one”!

    You are such a breath of fresh air. I truly enjoy following you on Instagram, and get super geeked when I get the email notification for a new blog post! You are inspiring in so many ways, and wish I knew you in person 🙂

    Keep being you!

    Liked by 1 person

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