It’s been 10Weeks since I stopped running, & 2 weeks since I stopped lifting weights…. Here’s my At home workouts and macros now, Alo Moves App review

I’m on Day 70 of no running & Day 14 of no weight lifting or hiit

If you would like to know why I stopped lifting & jumprope , you can check out this post


Since I’m not running or lifting weights anymore, this is what I’ve been doing on most days:

👉🏼 warmup/roll out body on my own

👉🏼 20-30min yoga-based workout (I’ve been using Ashley Galvin ’s complete body programs mostly from the Alo Moves app)

👉🏼followed by a 30-40min flexibility yoga session (Melini has a great program called dynamic flexibility in the Alo Moves app that I’ve been using the last couple weeks)

👉🏼👉🏼 so it makes up a nice 60min session of strength & flexibility 💗

There’s also a variety of 60-70min classes on the app that I mix in as well if I don’t want to “create my own” session that day. 💕

My daily practice plan right now is to spend 60minutes on the mat :). I look forward to it, so it’s really not a “goal” I’m trying to stick to… that’s just what I’ve been doing.

AloMoves App Review: Things I like about doing yoga at my “home studio”

  • The Alo Moves app is $20/month so it’s FAR less expensive than joining a studio
  • Even though I have the video of the class playing, I don’t watch it (unless I’m confused about the form on a move) & just go by the audio. The instructors are all really good so their cues make that possible to do. This helps me (a competitive person) focus on just aligning my own body, feeling where I’m supposed to feel a stretch/posture, and not seeing anyone else whose body might be “better” at it.
  • I am thinking about dropping my gym membership
  • Don’t have to wait for a certain time/class
  • I can play my own music – here’s my playlist right now on youtube
  • There’s a Huge variety of teachers. My favorite instructors are : Ashley Galvin, Melini, Josh Kramer, Jacquelyn, and Calvin Corzine right now. But there’s a ton of different programs and instructors to choose from.

  • There’s also a great variety of levels – I’m using more of the beginner/moderate/intermediate programs, but there’s plenty of advanced/intense options as well.
  • The programs are “workout-based” meaning the instructors are really good about not imposing their religious beliefs, etc, that are sometimes associated with yoga.
  • Workouts can be downloaded so I can use them offline.
  • On that same note, I can access workouts from anywhere so even if I’m not “home”, it’s fine.
  • You can log workouts & write a “review” of it for others to see. These are helpful- I read comments from others when I’m checking out new classes.

That’s my take on the app so far! They have a free 14-day trial if you’re curious about it.

If you do, add me! We can follow each other’s yoga practice adventures 🙂

CURRENT MACROS & Food Thoughts:

Amber ( @ado_fitness coach ) & I talked last week & decided I should just go with my rest day macros daily since I’m not doing traditional lifting,etc.

Macros are: 120p 265c 65f (2125kcal)


I’m using my macros right now as more of a stopping point guide.

So, instead of logging my food before I eat, I’m eating & then logging.

Most of what I’m doing with food is paying attention to how I feel after I eat— if it’s good, I note that mentally. If I feel bloated or yuck, then I figure out why.

I attempt to stop when I am about 75% full feeling. For me, I’ve found that if I plan to take a walk or do like 5min of stretching after I eat, I stop at 75/80% full – aka before I eat too much & get to the food-baby stage. 🤰🏻

Some days, my body needs more food, some days it doesn’t… So I’m learning to be ok with not hitting my macros & seeing variances each day in my food log.

Here’s my past week:

Just like with a yoga practice, each day is different. Comparing myself to a past version of me or to others is not useful. The main thing is just to do the best I can for my body each day & let progress happen naturally. Each body has it’s own pace and it’s important to be mindful of that.

You can check out my post here for a little more on this mindset shift.

… So I think that’s some progress toward not using macros forever. 🙂

This is a post that I think describes a mindful approach to food that I’m applying.

So many of you ask about my diet. Well, here are my two cents. We are so used to being fed dietary advice from outside sources that we have lost touch with our own internal intuition. I have spent the past few years rediscovering my instinctual palate.
“Eat this, don’t eat this”. “Avoid this at all costs, make sure to eat 5 of these a day.” All this complex information has made you doubt your own natural instincts. For what? For the most part, your body knows what it needs. If you listen closely enough, it will tell you.
Just like in a Yoga pose, it all comes down to awareness. You have to train yourself to become sensitive enough to know what to stretch, how far to go, when to back off, and what is lacking… the same goes for eating. Reconnect with your instincts. Eat when you salivate. Drink when you feel thirst. Feel what your body tells you and give it just that.

So that’s the principle I’m working on applying versus relying on macros. I’m not sure how it will go, but I am enjoying it right now and feeling good about it.

For this recipe, go here.

I’m still learning myself, so it’s not perfect but gets a little easier each day.


I am taking a YogaFit Teacher training course this November. It’s mostly to help get my continuing ed credits for my ACE health coach certification and also to improve my own personal practice. It will open the door to teach, but that is tbd 💗

I’m enjoying the material from the book & learning how to apply the yoga principles of breathing and living in the present – not competing or comparing myself to others or even myself at a different time.


2 thoughts on “It’s been 10Weeks since I stopped running, & 2 weeks since I stopped lifting weights…. Here’s my At home workouts and macros now, Alo Moves App review

  1. So neat to hear about the teacher training course you are taking. Love hearing the progress you are making with your yoga practice, move toward intuitive eating and your faith journey. The awareness piece is so clutch-really is the catalyst for being able to make changes and to grow.

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