12 weeks of no running, 4weeks of no lifting/hiit, 1 week of no tracking/macros, home yoga studio

This is an update of where I am with fitness – weight, workout routine, nutrition, supplements.

You can see my previous posts on this reverse diet process here.


My weight has been basically the same (around 128) for the past 5months, give or take a few lbs.

Here is where I was in June when I started dropping cardio (131 here).

Since this photo,

  • I stopped running all together (in July – 12weeks ago) & I explained why in this post
  • I stopped counting/tracking steps
  • From there I started lifting 3x a week and doing yoga 4x a week
  • Then, I stopped lifting and doing hiit (jumprope) in mid-August and committed to doing yoga daily (explained below)
  • And, this past week, I stopped tracking macros & focused on mindful eating

  • Workouts

    As I said above, I am doing yoga daily. That’s it. No cardio or weight lifting at the moment.

    I probably average about 5-7k steps a day.

    My goal is to do 60min on my mat 6days a week – foam rolling, yoga, flexibility work, strength work…

    I am currently using the Alo Moves app, which has a ton of classes to choose from with a big variety of instructors.

    I am also doing a “30day Bendy babes” program, which is yin-type of stretching geared towards achieving the splits.

    Here’s a couple photos from Day 1 of the program. I did day 8 today

    I may have to just keep repeating this program until I get there. 30days might not be enough time for my body, but we will see!

    Fitness goals:

    • Gain overall flexibility, strength and balance.
  • Yoga is a full body workout that encompasses all those categories. I am giving myself a full 8weeks of just yoga to see how my body responds.
  • It has softened a little, but I think that’s part of the process for my body- it has to come undone a bit in order to re-shape. I still feel I am in great shape & my body is starting to get more flexible and also stronger with handling my body weight.

  • Home yoga studio

  • I took our “sitting room” and made it into a home yoga studio.
  • Gorilla mats:

  • This mat is awesome!! It’s 9′ x 6′ and 8mm thick. They have yoga and exercise mats. You can use code REBEKAH10 for a discount on one if you are interested!

  • Nutrition

  • Two weeks ago, i began using a mindful eating app (YouAte app) in addition to my macros app. This past week, I decided to try one day of using just the youate app and not track macros. That one day turned into 4 days, and I haven’t tracked at all the last 3days – I’ve just been eating mindfully. Here’s what this means to me
    • Eating when I am hungry – not timing meals and checking in with myself to make sure I’m not just bored.
      Stopping when I feel 50-75% full. This is hard and something I’m still working on, but it is getting a little easier each day
      Eating “nutritarian” style with no restrictions- you can read more about this “eat to live” style here.
  • So nothing is restricted, it just emphasizes high nutrient density, which is what I’m finding my body prefers anyhow.
  • I stopped tracking macros because I realized I was relying more on the numbers than my own hunger signal. Using macros was a vital step for me in doing the reverse diet, but it’s not something I feel I need anymore. I’m still working with Amber (ADOFitness) as I transition to mindful eating. And she has been incredibly supportive of everything and a real help to me through this process.

  • Supplements

  • As far as supplements , I have a few that I am consistently using:

    • Gains in Bulk digestive enzymes/probiotic – I use 2-3 with 2 meals a day (Code RebekahC10 for discount
  • I’m using a few others by ampd as well (bcaa, revitalize, beauty greens).

    And I’ve also been using Nuzest Vita Kick as a healthy hot chocolate in the mornings at work.


    As my husband puts it, I’ve gotten more flexible in yoga and in life. This is still a work in progress, but I’m opening up to being more social and less tied to my workout & sleep “schedule”. I also don’t take food with me to events anymore. I can usually find things there that I like and enjoy. 🙂 And with no angst about it, just being mindful.

    Every day and week is a step backwards in some respect, but also a step towards a new lifestyle.

    I have been in sports or doing some type of high-intensity athletics as far back as I can remember. So I feel as though my body is adapting to the lower intensity (though still challenging) yoga routine & it’s able to connect with my brain better on signaling hunger, energy levels, etc.

    You could probably say I was addicted to exercise and always chasing a “calorie burn” to burn off the excess. Eventually that led to where I obsessed over macros and exercising. While I still enjoy exercise, I rarely break 300-400kcals in a workout and am not stressing over how many calories I eat. I’m just eating to live, focusing on enjoying whole/unprocessed foods. 🙂


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