Letting Go of “Yoga”

This past week, my fitness life turned on a dime. I’ve stopped “practicing” yoga. I’ve had a bit of time to process this and am going to explain.

I read on a few sites (listed below) that yoga is based on worship to Hindu gods. Now, I’ve read that before and never had any sort of “check” or discomfort. I knew my heart I was doing yoga to work on flexibility – not worship a sun god, etc. Yet, this past Tuesday, as I was reading, I felt very uncomfortable with it so I took a step back.

As far back as I can remember, I have struggled with body issues, etc. And I have always been drawn to the beauty of fitness and my life has revolves around it in the past more than I’d like to admit.

This past spring, I began praying that God would help me with my relationship with food and fitness. And, since then, each week has kind of been a new thing. First, it was letting go of running , then counting macros, and just letting go of “me”. I sort of found myself doing yoga because it was something that allowed me to be active but not running or doing excessive workouts. As I got more into it though, my “obsessive” personality kind of overtook and I became more and more into yoga. I was looking at studios around here and just wrapped up in it. Ashtanga Yoga is what I was drawing towards, which is a hardcore version of yoga and also quite religious in how it’s practiced traditionally.

This past Tuesday evening, I read from these sites

Now, I’m not saying that anyone who practices yoga is anti-Christian. But I think that my own approach was leading me to put another fitness thing ahead of God. The paragraph that stuck with me as I read was:

Because I have a personality tendency to be “all in”, I realized I was diving into the wrong thing. Yoga is not for me.

Yes, I still plan to workout daily to take care of my body, but I do not want to let a fitness activity consume me again.

I think the check I had on Tuesday is the same one I’ve ignored in the past when I dove into running and then bodybuilding– while I can’t undo those times in my life and I realize they are parts of my story, I do regret how much time & money I invested in those because they don’t end up rewarding what they promise in the beginning (ie happiness, life, peace, etc). My interest in yoga was leading down a similar path.

I hope this makes sense and doesn’t not appear judgmental to anyone who runs, does yoga, or does bodybuilding because it’s not my intention.

As a Christian who knows one of her main stumbling blocks (aka things that draw her away from God and are so hard to admit that she’s referring to herself in third person here), I think letting go of yoga at this time is a step towards God. Instead of being lured by the beauty and promise that yoga will equal peace, happiness, and worth, I’m content with not being a “yogi” & taking that money/time to put into savings or something with an eternal purpose.

So, as far as fitness, I have gone back to alternating my lifting days (using the maps program) with core/recovery/stretching days. And yes, some of the stretches may very well be yoga “poses”. These workouts take 50-60min a day and are something that will help my body stay fit and healthy so I can work and live in Christ in whatever way that leads.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


4 thoughts on “Letting Go of “Yoga”

  1. I think you are right by listening and not overriding the hunch in your spirit. “The steps of the righteous are ordered – ordained – of the Lord”. 💕

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  2. I am sorry to hear that yoga became an uncomfortable place for you, it seemed like you were enjoying and benefitting from the lifestyle of ‘living yoga’ but I sure do hope you are able to find that place where fitness doesn’t consume your life! You bring up a great point about the intention behind our choice in exercise-that you were practicing yoga for the flexibility benefits but I can see how it can be tough to separate from your religious beliefs. I’m curious what your thoughts are about food practices like fasting and cleanses having their historical roots with religion? I can’t recall what that food cleanse you tried out was but wondering if there has ever been a time that food practices due to religious beliefs have been uncomfortable for you?

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    1. It’s all good. I enjoyed getting stronger and more flexible, so using maps again and some of the hiit/stretching in t25 again will work :). I meant to DM you earlier about maps prime actually.

      As far as fasting, our church does a fast every year and Jesus fasted so I’ve never had issue with that. I’ve never done a lengthy fast, but am not opposed. I think that’s one of the jokes of religion- Fasting is the one thing Jesus, Buddha , & Muhammed all had in common. Lol. I think IF or some type of fasting is good in general for digestive purposes.


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