#21minuteLifts4Runners: Lifting for marathon training

21 Minute Lifts for Marathoners: So we look good and run fast 🙂

WHY 21 Minute Lifts for Marathoners

The reason I created these workouts is because I couldn’t find a program like this.  As a runner, I want to improve my strength & speed, and also stay light/lean.  Lifting weights is one thing that I believe every runner should incorporate (for strength and injury prevention), but lifting till I can’t move or lifting for a long amount of time just isn’t feasible for me – mentally and timewise.

Marathon training takes a lot of time, so I wanted something simple and concise that I could do each day that would help build strength, get the hormone benefits of lifting, and be a little different each week.

  • These Lifts are short and concise – you should be able to finish them in 21 minutes or less. You can always make them a little longer by adding on a set to each exercise.
  • These lifts are designed so you can do them for 6days in a row followed by a rest day, but you can use them however you would like.

Here are the Videos I put together to demo for each workout.

You can access the Full  program here: 21 Minute Lifts for Marathoners PDF

Hope you like them as much as I do! Tag me if you try them and use #21minuteLifts4Runners ❤ 

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