5K Training Plan

70-90minutes/day blend of Strength, Cardio, Speed/Plyometrics, Yoga

** this works as a good workout plan as well if you are just trying to get in shape and have no desire to run/race

For a PDF of this plan, click here.

  • Cardio/Running: 7 days a week (walk if need a rest day)
    • 30-45minutes/day (5 days/week) and 50-60minutes for 2 days a week
  • Strength training & ABS: 3 days a week for 30-40 minutes
    • Options:
      • 20-30minute lift from here , plus a 10-15minute core workout
        • My 10-15min core workouts on Youtube can be found here
        • The BOD app also has options: Max Out 15, Max out Abs are good
      • BOD app Options:
        • 30 minute Insanity Live or Max30 with 6lb weight vest on, plus 10-15min core workouts
          • My favorites are: Insanity Live with Darren or Danielle, Max30: Friday Fight Rd 2, Tabata Power, Tabata Strength, Sweatfest
        • 45minute “Live Insanity” with weight vest -they include Core workouts with it.
        • Strength Workout from Insanity: Asylum Strength, Asylum Back/6pack, Asylum X Trainer (these include core work)
      • Speed/Plyometric Training: 2-3 days a week for 40minutes
        • Options from BOD app:
          • Original Insanity: Pure Cardio, Cardio Power and Resistance
          • Asylum Insanity: Vertical Plyo, Speed and Agility
        • Yoga/Stretching Everyday
          • 10-15minutes/day for 5 days a week (the insanity workouts from BOD app that are 40-50min actually include stretching)
            • Youtube playlist is here, and there are also a couple 10min yoga/stretch on BOD app too
          • 30minutes yoga for runners for 2 days a week
            • My post-run stretching Playlist is here on YouTube
            • Insanity Asylum: Relief is another great option on BOD app

My Schedule: this is based on my work/life schedule right now, so feel free to adjust this as you prefer.  I often will swap out workouts, but am happy as long as I get something in.

  • Monday/Wed/Fri: 30-45min cardio plus Strength Training & Core, 10min Stretch
  • Tuesday/Saturday: Speed/Plyometric training, 30-45min cardio, plus 10-30minutes Yoga
  • Thursday: 50-60minute cardio plus 30minute Yoga for runners
  • Sunday– choose option:
    • Speed/Plyometric training, 30-45min cardio, plus 30minutes Yoga
    • 60minute cardio, plus 30minute Yoga for runners
Day Workout Cardio

 (in minutes)

Roll/Stretch (in min)
Monday Strength/Core 30-45 10+
Tuesday Speed/Plyo 30-45 10+
Wednesday Strength/Core 30-45 10+
Thursday Rest 50-60 30+
Friday Strength/Core 30-45 10+
Saturday Speed/plyometric 30-45 10+
Sunday Rest or Speed/plyo 50-60 30+