CARVE2.1 Workout Program

CARVE is a workout program designed to build muscle & burn fat — You can access the program here for free now. 


 About CARVE2.0

These workouts are designed to build lean muscle & burn fat.  There are 9 40-minute gym workouts & also an at-home workout version (nearly identical to the gym version, so you don’t miss a day!).  The workouts will hit each muscle group twice per week, and they incorporate core and plyometric work into the 40minutes.  Plyometric work is great to help tighten up your body – they also add an element of improving speed/quickness in addition to the strength work.


The reason I created these workouts is because I couldn’t find a program like this.  As an athlete, I want to improve my strength & speed, and as a fitness model, I wanted to have a lean/cut physique.  Most of the lifting programs/splits I would find were designed to annihilate 1-2 muscle groups one day a week, making it difficult to function some days.  I made CARVE up as a Supplement to an athlete’s training schedule, BUT also as a workout program that can stand alone for someone just wanting to get in shape.  I enjoy being ‘sore’ as much as the next person, but not to the point of where it’s disabling me from “practicing” or running.

Carve is composed of full body workouts that work and challenge the major muscle groups to stimulate muscle growth, and get the heart rate up to burn fat!

CARVE 2.1 includes:
*Two workout programs designed to build muscle and burn fat – one plan for runners & one for just getting in shape (for non-runners)
*9 lifting workouts: they are 30minutes each & challenging
* 5 at-home workouts that correspond directly with the 5-day lifts
*3 interval cardio workouts
*Video demonstrations of gym workouts
*tips for how to build strength and lean muscle in order to improve muscle tone/definition
*10min. stretches & recovery exercises to do daily to improve flexibility & reduce risk of injury

The lifts are 30-40 minutes, and cardio plus lifting workout programs are designed to be 60-90minutes a day for 4-6days a week. For experienced workout-goers, the lifts can also be incorporated into your regular routine just to shake things up!

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God Bless!!