Luxe Life: Bikini-Ready Series

Part 1 with Cara Maher (focus on IIFYM/nutrition) — Part 2 with Beth Hall: Ifbb pro, full time oral surgeon assistant, & mom shares her fitness secrets and favorite protein ice cream recipe!  Part 3: Sexy Shoulders & Healthy Donuts with Jennifer Binder Part 4 : With Dietitian Deanna — her bikini ready workout tips and healthy pancake recipe!  Part 5 with Canadian super star Courtney … Continue reading Luxe Life: Bikini-Ready Series

Carve Your Physique using Diamonds

To create diamonds’ unique shapes, there are two processes that are used: cutting and polishing. When cutting a diamond, the cutter uses diamonds to cut diamonds. Once the shape is cut, the cutter then polishes the diamond to give it a finished look. Check out this 4 exercise, full body, no equipment needed workout on FitnessRXwomen: Continue reading Carve Your Physique using Diamonds

Full Body Workout

Check out this full-body strength and conditioning workout I created and shot for with Training and Fitness Magazine!   The gallon-jug workout is full-body, includes strength and cardio sections (with a focused section for glutes and abs), and will take about 20minutes to complete. You can repeat the workout to make into a 40-60 minute routine if you have more time. There are 4 Rounds … Continue reading Full Body Workout

Stand Taller and Look 10lbs Leaner this Holiday Season

I discovered I had an anterior hip tilt this past fall, so I looked into what caused it and how to fix it.  My most recent article on has a daily stretching routine, and a workout routine to help fix a hip tilt & look taller and leaner! 🙂  I’ve been using this stretching routine for 5 weeks, and have gotten great results personally. … Continue reading Stand Taller and Look 10lbs Leaner this Holiday Season