Fitness-Inspired Bible Study


My Bible Studies published as EBooks can be purchased from my Lulu Store:

The daily bible study & prayer journal is designed to improve an individual’s spiritual physique. There is a ‘spiritual fitness’ log for each day – The focus of this study is to progress spiritually by focusing on just 1 chapter of the God’s Word a day, and keeping a consistent prayer life. The daily workbook page can be completed in 10-15 minutes, or you can linger in the Word and God’s presence longer if you’d like.

The study is based on fitness principles:

  • water=praising God,
  • nutrition=chewing on God’s word,
  • weights=lifting other up in prayer,
  • cardio=walking out God’s Word in life,
  • rest=casting your cares on God & resting in Him

I use this study myself to supplement my walk with God and help me to stay consistent and on track, and hope they will help others progress in faith as well.

God Bless



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