My Current Training/Nutrition, Goals

Hey guys! This is simply a page I am putting together to keep updated with my current goals, macros, training plan, supplements, etc. Updated on August 19, 2017


Current Goals:

  • Training:
    • PR in a half-marathon this fall (current PR is 1:27)
    • PR in a 10K this fall (current 10K is 40min)
    • Stretch/Roll 10minutes a day – use this sequence daily “yoga/stretch for runners & athletes” here!
    • Do running drills 5-6days a week
  • Food:
    • Focus on eating to feel good
    • Track/log food daily – as long as I track my food, I don’t worry about hitting exact macro goals (explained below)
  • Spiritual:
    • Start each day with bible study (I like workbooks so I have something to complete each day! Beth Moore’s “Stepping Up” is my all-time favorite)
    • Pray each day as I run (Mike Bickle’s Book on Prayer is the one I use as a guide)
    • Listen to podcasts as I run: I like Joyce Meyer, Elevation church, Life Church, north pointe church (we are transformed by what we feed ourselves – in what we eat physically and listen to)

Current Training:

  • Running 6days a week (with warm-up drills and stretching each day), Strength Training 5-6days a week
  • Completing the 21-day YogaRunSweat 2 Challenge this September!
  • My running coach is Susan Loken. She sends me my running workouts for each day 🙂 Right now, I’m running about 40ish miles per week on average.
  • I’m planning to do my strength training 5-6days a week – either at my gym or the fitness center at work.  I subscribe to the Beachbody On Demand (BOD) App and recently discovered Tony Horton’s 22min Hard Corps program which I plan to use — these workouts are  22minutes and are all 3 rounds of 5-7 exercises which makes for a good/tough workout in a short time.  These have a good mix of upper body, lower body, and plyos! I posted a bit more on why I like these and  when I’ll do these workouts here.




  • I am currently coaching myself w/diet.
  • I am a fan of Macros and using IIFYM as a lifestyle. I use mine as a guide ‘set of nutrient goals’ to hit each day.  If you want to try doing macros/IIFYM on your own, I think this is a good calculator to use to find a good set of macros for yourself

My Current Philosophy : 


What I do: 

I have learned that as long as I track everything I eat, I don’t end up overeating (eating so much that I end up feeling stuffed and then still full when I wake up the next day).  I’ve learned to really Pay attention to how I feel as I’m eating and in my workouts, and my goal is to feel good (light, energetic).  Logging food can seem like a nuisance for some, but it works for me! 🙂

  • my current macros are 1700-2000kcals with 145g protein 200g carbs (35-50g from Fiber) and 45g fat (this is 1785kcals, so some days I go a little over if I’m extra hungry)
  • I am also incorporating the endurance diet, which encourages and ‘omnivore’ diet and high quality foods
  • This is the calorie total I’ve found works for me! 
  • I use the My Macros Plus app to track.  My username is RebekahKFit.  But I don’t know how useful it is to see what I eat.. haha… my day ends up being just like a list of foods — I don’t really organize it into meals or anything, but I like it & recommend it for personal use!


Fasted Training Note: (no longer doing this as of Aug. 19)

  • My body did NOT respond well to fasted training – my workouts were worse and my body seemed to hang on to food more… bleh
  • So, I will be using 1/2 scoop Ucan on most days before (mixing it with the preworkout below) and a full scoop before the longer running days. 
  • This is the Preworkout I have been using on workout days: Slappuccino  or Slap-O-Lantern Pumpkin Spice I mix 1/2 scoop with about 32oz of hot water mixed with 1-2scoops of the Salted caramel BCAAs. (code REBEKAH will save you 10% on all these products)
    • I drink that while I’m doing my bible study. I like drinking it as a hot liquid — it relaxes my stomach or something and helps move stuff through before I go workout 😉
    • Coffee could also be used for a similar effect of slappuccino.  I just don’t like coffee flavor as much – slappuccino is milder coffee taste, a little sweeter (like cappuccino , and requires less work to make than coffee. 😉

This is a bracelet I made up to help me remember to pray as I run – based on Mike Bickle’s book I mentioned/linked to above:


Feel free to follow my journey on instagram @RebekahKFit or subscribe to my blog.  And you can also email/comment/DM me with any questions you have. 🙂 

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