15 Minute Lifts & Keto Reset

Hey all!!  My current workout goals are: feel good – strong and also light; making working out a PART of my life that enhances it, not making my whole life about working out. This workout plan includes lifting, stretching, walk/jogging, and plyometrics/core.

“Lifting Weights= increase lean body mass, which equals a faster metabolism which equals and leaner stronger sexier body. Why wouldn’t you lift weights” – Aimee Stevens

I believe each person is unique and different things work for different people, but sometimes it’s nice to have a framework to start from and pick the things you like/dislike to make it your own!  So here’s what I’m up to — feel free to copy it, share it (tag me @RebekahKFit if you like it or post it!), and modify it to your liking!

You can read it below, or Download it Healthy Life Training🙂

Workout Plan


  • General Health:
    • 40-45 minute jog/walk with dog/friends – this is to help me reach 10-12k steps per day…
      • Note: If you are already fairly active daily, then this can be less (I typically only hit about 3000 steps a day w/out this)
    • Workouts
      • 4 days per week:
        • 15 minute Lift(explained below)
        • plus 15 minutes Piyo (yoga flow)
      • 3 days per week:30 minute Insanity or Piyo workout (plyometrics & core)
        • if you don’t have a Beachbody On Demand subscription, you can find some good plyo workouts here or HIIT workouts here, and yoga videos here



15 Minute Lifts:

  • Use A exercises one day, then B exercises the next day. Alternate.
  • Do 3sets of 8 reps for each exercise (choose a weight that you can do 10 reps with, keeping correct form)
  • You can superset exercises, make all 5 of them into a circuit workout, or do 1 exercise at a time taking 30sec breaks between sets
Exercises – Pick 1 Exercise per row (each workout is 5 exercises total)
A-Legs 1 Squats Sumo Squats Goblet Squats
A –Legs 2 Walking BB Lunges Curtsy Lunges Bulgarian Split Squats
A – Chest Bench press Incline bench press Chest fly
A –Back Lat Pulldown Pull-ups BB Bentover Row
A-     Bicep Alt. DB curls BB Curls 21s
B-Back 2 Close Grip row DB 1-arm row Good Mornings 21s
B – Tricep Skull Crushers Weighted Bench dips Cable Pushdown
B – Glutes/Abs Side Lunges 1-Leg Hip thrust Basket Crunches
B – Shoulder 1 Military Press DB 1-arm Press Arnold Press
B – Shoulder 2 Lateral raise Rear lat raise Front raise


Workout paceI take very minimal breaks (personal preference!) so my lifts take approx. 30-40minutes.

  • I almost always do my workout in Giant sets of 2-4 exercises (moving quickly), so here is a sample of what I did as my “workout 1” for the week – I just used all the “A” exercises from column 1 and broke them up into the following 2 ‘sets’, which each took about 5-10minutes (so 15 min total workout time)
  • I’m going to put the weights I lift here too, mostly to show that you CAN lift “heavy” and not be bulky — You can check out this page for a list of 77 reasons to lift weights (put together by trainers).  A lot of females I have worked with lift far lighter than they can, and don’t realize that there are a LOT of benefits to upping the amount of weights/resistance they use in the gym.

“Did you know heavy weight lifting is the best defense against aging, keeps shopping for clothes enjoyable, and gives you the ability to lift and play with your children and grandchildren?” – Erika Nall

Set 1: I did 3 rounds of this set

  • 8 squats on the smith machine – 60lbs focusing on getting to my full depth
  • 8 Bench Press – 85lbs
  • 8 Alt. Bicep curls (this is 8 each arm) — 50lbs (25lb dumbbells)

Set 2: 3 Rounds

  • 8 Walking Lunges (this is 8each leg) — 50lbs
  • 8 Lat Pulldowns – 75lbs

I just kind of wing it with how I choose my sets and reps.  I choose a challenging weight for the number of reps I am doing.  When I can easily do that weight (like the last 2 reps are pretty much like the first 2), then I increase my weight by 5-10lbs. 


I am doing more of intuitive eating these days, sticking with a Gluten-free diet (I explain why here) and focused on including whole/unprocessed foods and healthy fats.  I am testing out some strategies from Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset book – He explains the low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) really simplistically, and I am going to give some of his tips a try!  I am keeping a “highlight reel” on my instagram of the process if you’re interested in following along.

I just completed a post here on “why I am doing Keto” which includes descriptions of my 3 main reasons why I am trying it, how I am gradually introducing my body to it, and what my foods/meals look like during the first week of it.


I’m not trying to ‘attain ketosis’ or lose weight – I’m mostly experimenting to see if it helps completely get rid of the misophonia/sound-sensitivities and also to save time/money — less food and meal prepping.


The basic supplements I use:

  • Gains in Bulk code RebekahC10 for discountMy must-haves (I take these on vacation with me) — Digestive Enzymes/Probiotic– I use 2-3 with 2meals a day
    • Test Gain for mood/hormonal support- I use 2/day
    • N.O. Chews – I use 3 before I lift sometimes for a little extra zip 🙂
  • Slap Nutritioncode REBEKAH to save $ 
    • Chocolate Fudge greens (I mix with hot water/cashew milk for hot chocolate)
    • Magnesium Supplement (I mix this with water or with tea in the evenings)

Thanks for checking out my page.  I hope this helps either get you started, or is a fun way to challenge/switch up your current routine.  Tag me @RebekahKFit if you try it – I’d love to repost you and connect with you 🙂