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This is a list of the products & supplements that I use for healthy living. I keep myself honest by ONLY listing products here that I purchase and use consistently.  I am a sales affiliate for several products below, but do not receive them for free — I use my own codes and affiliate links  to purchase the products below 😉 … Feel free to comment or email with any questions!

  • Below you’ll find: Supplements, Apparel, Workouts I use, Nutrition app 
  • discount codes that I have are listed below as well as links to the sites to order! 🙂



Gains In Bulk: Use Code “RebekahC10” for 10% off at this site:  —  “We sell in bulk to give you the largest gains at the smallest price possible.” 

  • One of my must-haves are the Digestive Enzymes — > These are AWESOME: Designed to completely breakdown all Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins in an athletes diet. This  dramatically reduces bloating and indigestion issues. (I use 2-3 pills with 2 meals/day) — a bag of 270 pills is about $30 w/10% code RebekahC10
  • I also use the Square1 multivitamin, and I like using the NO Chews as a preworkout.
  • They also have “booty bands” that are great to use in workouts. My glutes are Always sore after I use these – the black band is the one I like to use – the yellow one is much tighter.

Other Stuff 

My Training Plans (free to Download!)