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This is a list of the products & supplements that I use for healthy living. I keep myself honest by ONLY listing products here that I purchase and use consistently.  I am a sales affiliate for several products below, but do not receive them for free — I use my own codes and affiliate links  to purchase the products below 😉 … Feel free to comment or email with any questions!

  • Below you’ll find: Supplements, Apparel, Workouts I use, Roll Recovery, Nutrition app I use, & my Coaches
  • discount codes that I have are listed below as well as links to the sites to order! 🙂





SLAP Nutrition Products for discount use code REBEKAH – I love their chocolate Greens mix, the “Relax, Bro” magnesium supplement, and the protein powder.

  • Check out my Slap Nutrition recipes here

Gains In Bulk: Use Code “RebekahC10” for 10% off at this site:  —  “We sell in bulk to give you the largest gains at the smallest price possible.” 

  • One of my must-haves are the Digestive Enzymes — > These are AWESOME: Designed to completely breakdown all Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins in an athletes diet. This  dramatically reduces bloating and indigestion issues. (I use 2-3 pills with 2 meals/day) — a bag of 270 pills is about $30 w/10% code RebekahC10
  • I also use Test Gain (2/day): this doesn’t give you testosterone, but allows your body to make it more easily. Increased testosterone levels helps balance the body’s other hormone levels as well (such as estrogen and progesterone). Raised testosterone levels aid in muscle building, energy levels, and vitality improvement. Women can expect to feel more energized, clear-minded, and less moody! $12/bottle with code RebekahC10
  • I also like using the NO Chews as a preworkout.


Other Stuff 

Roll recovery Works like a deep tissue massage each day! I use both the R8 & R3 DAILY. (they also have super cute hats!)  — You can email/DM me for a 10% discount code if you decide to purchase one!  These are my 2 “reviews” of the R8 & R3 & how I use them!

My workouts (free to Download!) :