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This is a list of the products & supplements that I use for healthy living. I keep myself honest by ONLY listing products here that I purchase and use consistently.  I am a sales affiliate for several products below, but do not receive them for free — I use my own codes and affiliate links  to purchase the products below πŸ˜‰ … Feel free to comment or email with any questions! teal-on-black

Gains In Bulk: Use Code “RebekahC10” for 10% off at this site:  —  “We sell in bulk to give you the largest gains at the smallest price possible.” Gains in Bulk sources top quality supplement ingredients proven to create gains in strength, leanness and overall performance.

  • One of my must-haves are the Digestive Enzymes — > These are AWESOME: Designed to completely breakdown all Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins in an athletes diet. This guarantees full use of all nutrients creating greater gains while dramatically reducing bloating and indigestion issues. (I use 2 pills with 2 meals/day) — a bag of 270 pills is about $30 w/10% code
  • Check out the video demonstration of it here–

I also use:

  • Square1: This is the Gains in Bulk Multivitamin, but it’s also great as a beauty supplement for hair, skin, nails. $12 for a bottle with code
  • Protein Powder: Very Yummy! Designed to digest really easily.  NBA teams use it before games/practices because it doesn’t cause any digestive stress.  $50 for 5lbs (90scoops) with code


Devotion  Nutrition Products— (no code, just use the link!)

  • Protein Powder – the Best protein powder for Baking – most of my gluten free recipes don’t need eggs because I use this powder — there is no other protein powder that bakes like it. πŸ’•
    • Check out my “Devotion Recipes” in the Recipe tab – if you sub in a different powder, you’ll most likely need to add eggs or some sort of binder to your mix
  • Flex Flavors – Zero Calorie Stevia Flavorings
  • Super Cute Trucker hats


Other Powders I use:

  • I’m not sponsored by these companies, but I do purchase their powders to use:
    • PES Protein Powder – for protein ice cream, this is the BEST! (just don’t use the vegan one)
    • The Lions Pack Gluten Free pancake/waffle mixes are awesome! I actually started a tab in my recipes section for my Lions Pack recipes.  The nut butters and vegan cookie doughs are also delicious.



NewZill Compression Socks : use code “Rebekah20” for 20% off (socks are approx $15 with code).

Delfin Spa – use code “Rebekah” for discount

  • The Bioceramic collection is their anti-cellulite (heat maximizing) apparel.  I used to use the capris and tanks to help me lean out for shows.  Now, I use them to help me stay warm when I run outdoors in chilly weather.  The bioceramic tanks are a ‘must’ for me as a layer in chilly temps.
  • The Bioenergy collection is more like a spandex material. The high-waisted capris are one of my favorites to wear for a run or regular workout. πŸ™‚

Belcorva Clothing — apparel for female runners — leggings are really long, high-waisted and comfy! code Rebekah

Other Stuff 

Roll recovery Works like a deep tissue massage each day! I use both the R8 & R3 DAILY. (they also have super cute hats!)  — You can email/DM me for a 10% discount code if you decide to purchase one!  These are my 2 “reviews” of the R8 & R3 & how I use them!

In my Gains In Bulk Tee, with my daily essentials in hand: R8 Roller 
My workouts: CARVE Workout plan: all profits go toward A21 to help stop/fight human trafficking -email me once you make donation to receive plan 

To Track My Macros, I use the My.Macros Plus App – best app IMO for macro-tracking.

My Nutrition Coach is Amber Dawn Orton of ADOFitness — She is awesome! Check out my interview with her & her husband on FitnessRXwomen 


My running coach is Susan Loken.  Amazing woman! And great training team that you can see more about here! πŸ™‚

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