Protein Pumpkin Pizookie 

Protein Pumpkin Pizookie! (Pizza shaped Cookie) 5 ingredients gluten free 218 Calories macros: 24p 22c 4f (9.5grams of Fiber) RECIPE & Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a pan to grease it.  Mix together the following, then bake for 10-15minutes until done 1/4tsp baking powder 60grams (1/4cup) pumpkin 28grams (1/4cup) coconut flour 14grams (1/2scoop) protein powder- I used Creamy Vanilla Frosting Whey (from Slap … Continue reading Protein Pumpkin Pizookie 

Charlottesville Classic 10k Recap & Post-Race Protein Donuts ‘n’ Cream

I won the Charlottesville Classic 10k today! I’m not by any means an elite runner, but I did some things today that I think might be helpful to others on a race day (and helpful for me to look back & remember!). I did this 10k as a training stepping stone to the California International Marathon in December. My goal was to be under 40minutes, … Continue reading Charlottesville Classic 10k Recap & Post-Race Protein Donuts ‘n’ Cream

4-ingredient Gluten Free Protein Cheesecake Waffle

Super fluffy and easy to make with great macros! I’ve made this recipe 4 times in the last 3 Days! 😋 This protein waffle is low carb/fat, so you can add fun toppings (like m&m’s ) and still hit your macros for the meal! MACROS:  260kcals: 40p 18c 3f ➖ WAFFLE INGREDIENTS 1/2cup egg whites  3Tbsp coconut flour  spoonful (8g) of sugarfree cheesecake jello pudding mix  … Continue reading 4-ingredient Gluten Free Protein Cheesecake Waffle

5-ingredient Peanut Butter Protein Waffle Sandwich

Take this warm & fluffy 216kcal, 3-ingredient gluten free/high protein/lowcarb protein waffle & top it with 2-ingredient creamy peanut butter filling, then fold over to make it into a yummy PB waffle sandwich ❤️😋 Ingredients:  Waffle: applesauce, protein powder, liquid egg whites, water PB: peanut butter, powdered Pb, water Recipe for PB filling: Mix together: 1TBSP peanut butter 2TBSP Powdered PB Water to desired consistency … Continue reading 5-ingredient Peanut Butter Protein Waffle Sandwich

Protein pumpkin cookie dough

This is a super easy 4-ingredient recipe that can be eaten as dough or baked as a cookie! Cookies are 73kcals, gluten free & egg free ☺️ They are inspired by my instablogger friend Laura who has another pumpkin protein ball recipe here Macros per cookie/ball: Recipe (makes 2 cookies/balls): Mix the ingredients together and form into balls Add toppings if you’d like! Enjoy Or: … Continue reading Protein pumpkin cookie dough

2-ingredient Vegan Protein Waffle

Happy FriYAY! Breakfast: (my very first) vegan protein waffle creation & vegan pumpkin spice latte 🎉😄 The vegan waffle is just 2-ingredients! I used the surprisinglyvegan waffle mix (found on amazon ) & the promixnutrition vegan protein powder ➡️Macros for the waffle are 27p 35c 14f (9g fiber) – 374kcals Recipe: ➡️ mine is topped with a tbsp of  powdered PB mixed with water👍🏼 The … Continue reading 2-ingredient Vegan Protein Waffle

Lazy Girl Meal Prep, Converting to Vegan, HOKA shoe review 

LAZY GIRL Meal Prepping Ok, so last week I was a bit ambitious with making waffles/donuts for the whole week, and it worked but I looked for an easier route this week. So here was my “lazy girl meal prep” — aka bringing a basket to work filled with foods that I can use to hit macros 🙂 I have tea/creamer/splenda I have an electric … Continue reading Lazy Girl Meal Prep, Converting to Vegan, HOKA shoe review