Training Plans

Over the last couple of years, I’ve put together a few training plans for myself – you can use the menu above or the links below to access them for free!

I run by feel each day and consider it a ‘practice’ – I am using the principles of Chi Running. I am also utilizing the Faith training plan and Accountability chart in the list below! 🙂

These are some training plans that I use and enjoy! 

  • 21minute Lifts for Marathoners(this is what I used in the fall of 2017 where I PR’d in the Richmond half marathon – 1hr 26min – and the CIM marathon – 3hr 6min)
  • 21minute Lifts Part 2 : This includes 3 days of lifts that take approx 21minutes, 3 days of speed/plyo training, 1 day of yoga.
  • 10K Training Plan this is a plan I put together for a training team I was leading at my church – it includes walking and running plans, cross training, stretching)
  • 15minute Lifts– short lifts for when you need to squeeze them in – these can be easily extended to 30min lifts as well.
  • CARVE Lifting plan– this is the plan I used to get in shape for my wedding (carve workouts 1-4) as well as the plan I used when I lost weight on vacation (carve workouts 5-9).  It is also the workouts I will revert back to when I want to switch it up for a week – I like this plan because it has all the most effective exercises I did when I was training for fitness modeling. This has a lot of good information if you are new to lifting along with video/photo demos of each exercise and stretch.
  • 5K Training plan – this is what I have used to train for a couple months in 2018. It is a mix of lifting, insanity/plyometrics, yoga, and running.  If I wasn’t a runner, this would still be a great workout plan and I would sub in the row machine/elliptical/stairmaster/bike for the cardio portion.
  • Faith Training Plan – I always like to have a fitness plan that is outlined to reach a goal – even if I don’t follow it exactly, I still am doing something each day to make forward progress.  So, why not do the same thing for my spiritual body? I am using this in 2018 as well alongside the 5K training plan.
  • Accountability Chart-I use this to check off daily to hold me accountable to the habits I feel will help me make progress in my faith and fitness (and housecleaning)

If you try or use any of them, let me know! Tag me @RebekahKFit on instagram so I can follow and cheer you on 🙂